Multimodal Stimulus Series

Multimodal what?

Research in the field of mutlisensory processing has clearly advanced our understanding of how we perceive the external world. Indeed, the identification of objects in the real world usually requires that information from multiple sensory modalities is integrated and utilized. However, the role of multisensory processes in object identification is difficult to explore, not at least because of a lack of availability of appropriate stimuli. To overcome this, we developed a large series of pictures and environmental sounds. Normative data were obtained for 270 brief environmental sounds and 320 visual object stimuli. Each stimulus was named, categorized, and rated with regard to familiarity and emotional valence. This pool of stimuli now allows to create semantically congurent (or incongruent) multimodal object stimulus pairs, and more generally offers great flexibility in creating audio-visual experiments with real-world objects. The stimuli are freely available upon request.


Norming information:
Schneider, Engel & Debener (2008). Multisensory identification of natural objects in a two-way crossmodal priming paradigm. Experimental Psychology, 55, 121-132. here.

Schneider, Debener, Oostenveld & Engel (2008). Enhanced EEG gamma-band activity reflects multisensory semantic matching in visual-to-auditory object priming. Neuroimage, 42, 1244-1254. here.


The multimodal stimuli can be obtained from Till Schneider by email request (t.schnider(at)